Welcome to the Galleries of Souter Studios.

I hope you enjoy what you see. The work from its design to execution is very romantic. Not necessarily in a candlelight and roses kind of way, but in its idealism and the creation of a world the way it should be.

What is all this?

Originality, passion, and timeless quality. In otherwords art -
art on which you may set your drink.

These galleries present functional sculptures of utility, taste, strength, and endurance: this is the decorative art featured here.

What is this style?

In order for a piece to have a particular style, it has to meet certain criteria. The definition of that criteria comes from similar pieces that have already been made.

Therefore, my work is not made in an established style.
Doing so would sacrifice one of it's defining elements: originality.
However, fair to say, it does exhibit the following traits.

Modern sensibility
Art Nouveau inspirations
Craftsman motivations

Time and imitations will one day yield a classification. However for now, the best way to describe this body of work is that it is for those with an appetite for beauty and the unusual, and who themselves put thought, heart, and great effort into what they do. And in turn, derive a sense of living from their actions and accomplishments. This passion deserves an environment which acknowledges, and rewards this kind of being.


I work with the finest materials I can responsibly find. I research, utilize, and constantly refine, the best skills and techniques for working the various materials. Some of the methods I employ are thousands of years old, while others I innovated myself.

Are these pieces for me?

My pieces are symbols of taste.
It is easy to show money. It is much harder, and much more exclusive, to demonstrate class. Harder still is to do so without being stuffy. There is a fine, yet distinct, line separating refined and uptight. While this collection of decorative arts is very refined and exclusive, it maintains identity and life without becoming sterile. Sterility leads to sedation. Not an inner-peace sedation, but the kind of sedation that makes you feel old. My work doesn't try to pacify, but rather invokes passion.

Stay young and have it all

These pieces are sensual. When you select these pieces for your environment, you take ownership of monuments to beauty, taste, and quality: touchstones to immortality. Immortality, yes. A major component in my work is its intent to be around indefinitely. In addition to gratifying your senses, here and now, let my work serve as a record of your being and punctuate your existence.

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