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Handmade quality and beauty without sterility
Each is a sculpture of its own.

pulling clayWhen designing tiles, many think about color and pattern. Both are important, however, I design tile as a surface and consider primarily how light and glaze will react with that surface.

Clay is such a rich sculptural medium: ceramic tiles are often cheated of their potential. Additionally, glaze is so much more than color: it is a performance which takes place at 2000 degrees Farenheit in response to the shape of the tile.

These tiles are sculptures that take full advantage of the materials from which they are made.

You don't often see tiles like this. They're hard to make:
Handmade tiles, or any tiles made from wet clay, warp.
Because of this, handmade tiles are often dried under weighted boards to reduce warpage. This pressure prohibits most shapes beyond a flat slab of clay. The tile shown here undergoes a proprietary drying method which allows for wonderful sculptural qualities without the experience of trying to grout a potato chip when it comes to installation.

Tile in Kiln

The tiles are a vitrified stoneware and porcelain mix suitable kitchen and bath backsplashes, and outdoors. Due to their sculptural qualities and smooth surfaces, I do not recommend them for floors.

Any of these ceramic tiles are available with any of the glazes shown. If you have a particular want or need that isn't displayed on these pages, please ask. I am likely able to create a color not shown here that is correct for your situation. Additionally, I can create my tiles in various sizes to work within your application.

I use only food-safe glazes. I suspect you will not be licking your backsplash, however,
even if we don't plan to eat from them, ceramic tiles don't need to be toxic.

The current glazes available are:

Gloss Black
Gloss White
Matte White
Royal Blue
Indigo Strata
Blue Strata
Green Strata
Amber Strata

Tile Display

Thank you for learning about the tile. I hope you enjoy the gallery and encourage you to contact me if I can offer any more inforamtion.

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