Please enjoy these thoughts on design which provide additional insight into the work.

Good Design, Bad Design

The definitions and interpretations are expansive, and often contradictory, however, the manifestations of good design are obvious. Meaning that a great design yields a piece that is all that it wants and needs to be. De-construct the piece in your mind: does altering proportions, changing colors, adding or removing components yield a lesser piece? If so, then you're looking at good design.

You may not be able to quantify why, but you recognize a great design since it does not want to be something other than that which it already is.
Its lines exhibit no unhealthy strains or tensions and the piece exhibits no dead weight or excess. Conversely, good design is not defined by minimalistic, soulless shapes in sterile or garish colors. Too much modern design goes beyond clean into the realm of lifeless, lacking, and incomplete.


Additionally, good design is not looking to the past and adopting.
Learning from, yes. Stealing and embellishing no.

Homage, plagerism, tomato, to-mah-to...regardless of what this action posing for design is named, it is not original.

When buying reproductions, adaptations, or derivations, one is no longer buying a nice piece, but rather the "baggage" associated with what was once an innovation. Perhaps the design was originally made for royalty or by a long-dead, now celebrity, designer. The bottom line is that many re-used designs have value today only because they were desirable to someone in the past: these pieces are sold to you not necessarily because they are great today, but more likely because someone else saw and wanted them before you.

I don't want to celebrate someone else's glory when I have an opportunity for great decorative art. I strive to create a style instead of adopting another's.

Time and Space

Just as a celebrity, your own children, or a lover shines in a crowd of people, one piece of my work transforms a room.

The best design work is incredibly personal. Sadly, we are surrounded by so much that is boring. Much design, in attempts to appeal to as many as possible, loses that which might make it special.
Too much space is cheapened and consumed with mere furniture manufactured for a demographic. My work enhances the value of what is undoubtedly already valuable real estate.

For so many reasons your space is one of your most valuable assets. Do it justice with pieces of art created with sesnsibilities and passions like your own.
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