You have worked hard, perhaps even fought, for your identity. Construct your environment with work that reflects and radiates your identity and your effort to achieve it.

As consumers we are constantly assaulted by marketing for disposable debris posing as luxury items. I refuse to pollute my home and office with louder, bigger, and cheaper.

I want my environment to reflect my passions and vitality. Not a greatest common denominator of market appeal.

Feeling and emotion, the substance of real art, is true luxury: something conceived by, cared for, and created by another breathing, thinking human with similar passions and sense of pride.

If you're passionate and strive for perfection, I suspect you construct your environment to reflect the quality and quantity of work you do and how you value your time, with a premium placed on excellence, originality, and endurance.

If we know one another in the above context, I know you, as do my pieces, get better with time.

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