Uvula Low Angle

Uvula Table

While the form is a sculpture, the top is a painting: a beautiful Madrone burl.
The depth, richness, and activity in this gorgeous wood contributes immeasurably
to the sensory experience derived from this table.

burl detail

joint detail

The Madrone is encircled by a ring of Catalox:  another beautiful wood with naturally rich color and darkness.  The ring is crafted with proprietary "S-lap joints" whose strength is commensurate with their subtlety and beauty.

proud tenon detail

I approach the creation of furniture
as the creation of sculpture.  

I keep in mind the basics:  
line, shape, positive space, negative space, visual mass,
visual energy, and implied motion.

leg detail

When these concepts harmonize with the
right idea and insipration, a piece
such as this one is realized.

The Uvula table stands 27.75" tall and is 17" in diameter.
It is made of Catalox, Madrone, Maple, and Mahogany
with a Tung oil and paste wax finish.
$4700 as shown.

Uvula 3Quart view

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