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Concrete can be beautiful: it ages well.  In daily life one seldom has to worry about damaging it.  With time, it develops its own patina and continues to strengthen.

 Sensory experience aside, I am drawn to this material on its credentials alone.

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The concrete top was cast specifically for this table, however not until the slab was complete did the table’s design fully reveal itself.

The slab, being so planar with such mass, dictated straight lines and right angles with a strong sense of composition.

Mortise and tenon construction holds the table together.

It is angular yet alive.


The light wood is Maple and the the dark wood is Catalox: hand rubbed and polished with oil to a mirror finish. 

This provides a nice complement in color, brightness, and texture to the more brutish concrete which is polished to a gloss on the top, but left raw around the edges. 

The result is authoritative beauty.

The table is 42" wide, 13" deep, and stands 32" tall.  It is a very versatile form at home in an urban loft or rural sanctuary.  It works especially well in foyers, halls, and bedrooms supporting everything from sculptures and floral arrangements to personal effects.

This unique table is currently available as shown for $3800.
Additional pieces in alternate woods and concrete colors can also be made. Prices will vary.

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