sinew leg


This piece features tremendous elegance and character with strength and cleanliness. It is named for one of its distinguising features: the struts forming the triangles with the legs giving the table its rigidity.

They are evocative of a connective tissue, consistent with the table's name. Sinew also means a source of vitality and strength: equally appropriate for both the supporting elements and the entire table.

sinew sweep

This piece also features a bowed lip just under the table top along with tapering and flaring legs.

The lines of this piece are not mere curves, but rather bows and arcs: purposeful sweeps with destinations.

Grace, forttitude, and uniqueness.

The table is 24" wide, 13.1" deep, and stands 29" tall

The top is made from Catalox with a raised maple inset. The leg supports are also Maple with legs of Jatoba.
The piece features a hand-rubbed oil finish.

This unique table is currently available as shown for $3800.

Additional pieces in alternate woods can also be made. Prices will vary.

sinew ortho

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