plant stand on landingThe Plant Stand

This piece was designed to complement and support, literally and figuratively.

While its pupose is to give a plant, sculpture, keys, or cat, a place to rest, the structure itself is a work of art.

The legs are slender, yet strong and give tremendous character and implied agility to the piece without compromising its strength.

plant stand tenonsThe studded tenons provide both structural integrity and detail which draws the eye upward to the stage.

The top features hand-made studio tile (invulnerable to water) available in your color choice.

It stands 37.5 inches tall with a 14 inch square base and a 9.25 inch square top.

This piece as shown is part of a private collection, but this design is made to order from Mahogany and finished with hand-rubbed Tung oil.

plant stand

Souter Studios Plant Stand
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