FLOAT table


        This table is one of my favorites

I love its simplicity with strong visual interest and enjoy the contrast between the naturally dark Catalox wood and glow of the Maple. Both wood species have such strong identities within this piece, yet they are in harmony with one another. That is, they do not compete for individual attention, but work well together for the good of the piece.

The Quilted Maple framed in the top of the table is a work of art itself.

FLOAT table top

Notice the top frame is ever so slightly not square.
This bowed form transcends the manufactured,
the mechanical, and fills the form with a breath of life.


Similarly, with the lip under the top frame, its bowed profile enables it to more easily catch glints of light
and pull it along the lines of the table.

FLOAT - block detail

The table’s beautiful lines also come from steam-bent bows clasped by blocks to provide rigid connection with the legs.

This piece is ready to hold your sculpture, floral arrangement, or other object of art.

FLOAT table

The Float table
Made of Catalox, Maple, and Quilted Maple
Hand-rubbed Tung oil with a paste wax top finish

dimensions: 26.5" x 11" x 38.75"

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