clover table
The Clover Table

This piece was an early work with the philospohy of eternal beauty.
It emphasizes strength with its cubical proportions and legs of solid oak.

Consistent with the desire to be around and look good forever, is the manner in which the table top was created. The contrasting colors of wood in the top is not traditional marquetry. That is, the design woods are not thin veneer-like pieces glued in place to form a sort of collage.

The various woods used in the top are more like pegs: the design runs nearly an inch through the entire table. The top could be sliced in planar halves and one would still see the design in each half. This was so that, should it ever be necesssary, the table top could be easly sanded, re-oiled, and polished. This gives the table the potential to look as it does now hundreds of years into the future while having been in service the entire time.

The table is Oak with Walnut, Mahogany, Birch, and Maple in the design.

clover table
The clover table is part of a private collection.

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