Altar in sanctuary

Sacred yet welcoming is what the First Congregational Church of Palo Alto, California
wanted when they commissioned this altar table.

I designed and constructed the altar table in Maple, Mahogany, and Quilted Maple

Altar Front

The environment and the altar feature graceful sweeps and strong lines. 
The table design is clean yet rich with details and vitality.

Up from the pair of curved Mahogany feet rise Quilted Maple columns
supporting Mahogany cantalevers which present
the Mahogany-framed Maple top.

Altar Maple inlay

The columns are a prime example of the layers of detail found in this piece:
The quilted maple appears simply as a color from far.  However, get closer,
and the dynamic life and activity of this amazing wood can be appreciated.

Quilted Maple detail

Upon closer inspection, one sees the top inlay and lap joints
that allow for the rounded ring of mahogany circling the maple.  

Lap joint detail

The rounded top, offering access to all from any direction,
along with the radial inlay of Maple, embodies the idea of sacred yet welcoming.

Additionally, the maple top gives a warm life-glow to
that which is placed on the table’s surface.

Altar three-quarter view

The table features a hand-rubbed oil finish

Sacred.  Welcoming.

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