The painting and sculpture here is a preservation of a performance. The emotions and ideas are like bodies trapped in hot volcanic ash. My decorative arts are exhaustively planned prior to execution. Alternately, I strive for the fine art shown here to not be pre-meditated.

With these pieces, my goal is to get in touch with an emotion or sensation that I may or may not understand. I want to probe, cut into, and feel the gush of something authentic and powerful. For this reason, most of these works are in ink versus oil.

I need a media that keeps up with a performance. This performance is an interval of creation that is reflexive and honest when my muscles and emotion can move faster than my guard so that which is normally locked inside can escape.

As the lines are made, so are commitments. With ink, unlike oil, there is no manipulating the line: no opportunity to rework a brush stroke. The result is real.

Please enjoy the work and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or wish for me to elaborate on any piece or technique.


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