To designers, architects, builders, and decorators,
professional and personal,

Whether you're looking to enhance your own space or a client's, my services and opportunities are available to you.  Click here to review the commission process.

I look forward to helping you release and express your creativity and taste whether it is through pieces featured in photos on this site, or through that special piece or project which has not yet been realized.

New designs and pieces are constantly being made available. So, what is shown on this site is only an indication of the work that can be done rather than a compendium. So, if you don't see what you want, please ask. Similarly, if you have a need specific to a particular project, I am eager to offer ways in which I can help.

Many of my designs are also available in sets even though only a single piece may be featured on the website.
My designs have also been extended to baseboards, mouldings, window stools, aprons, and other architectural elements to create unified interiors.

Let your creativity loose. If you're a professional, the artistic and creationary elements of your work were likely some of the initial attractors to your industry. However, as you probably know all too well, there are a lot of scared people: scared to do what they haven't done one hundred times before. Despite the creative nature of architecture, design, and construction, many in those fields are resistant to change or innovation. Thinking is expensive and shifts responsibility to the thinker. This is too scary for some.

Of course, talk is cheap. You would like to try something new, but like all of us who have, you have been burned. It is a tremendous amount of trust you place in someone when your reputation is at stake. I aspire to earn your trust. Not just the level of solid business transaction trust, but rather the kind of trust you have in the person who cuts your hair.

I know the importance of time, deadlines, and budgets. I have extensive experience working in professionally creative environments managing diverse talent sets. So, I understand and appreciate what you're up against and can help you with your project whether it be for yourself or a client.

Very Sincerely,

Scott Souter

Information regarding how to commission a piece can be found here.

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